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This is a traditional wine culture revival,

This is a path to the future Chinese liquor,

Road, very long,

Road, not flat.

But as long as the work steadily,

Adhere to the ancient craft brewed liquor flavor Chinese,

As long as willing to lonely,

The patience to wait for the pure grain liquor cellar out Chinese raw incense,

There will be a day to "all over the world can get Chinese puree wine" dream country.

We represent the Chinese Chunliang wine aging,

We are XXX.

From the beginning of Dukang wine,

After the Tang, song, yuan, Ming, Qing dynasty,

Any time, things change, flood

China wine raw incense fragrance for thousands of years, wine flavor spread bes.

Until twentieth Century 60's.,

During the difficult years, with food and wine become a luxury.

Some people try to use alcohol, water, essence and flavor blending wine for drinking.

Because of less consumption of grain, low cost, fast cycle,

Blending wine gradually replaced the traditional wine, has become the mainstream,

To quantify the production began flooding the market,

So, flavors and fragrances to deceive the taste buds, the nerves of edible alcohol anesthesia,

People can not taste the flavor liquor due China,

People gradually forget the original flavor liquor due China.

With the rapid development of economy, people's pursuit of high quality life,

Natural health, became the mainstream of life.

Safety, poor taste, blending wine it can avoid the defects such as,

People want to Chinese traditional wine but more and more strong.

For the revival of Chinese traditional liquor, so 30 years ago, has already begun the layout,

One after another in the country acquired the ancient method of brewing wine shop,

Tibetan wine reserves is very large.

In order to ensure the original fragrance of wine,

A certain selected high-quality raw materials, brewing with the national standard of solid state fermentation,

From brewing to cache, and then finished filling, the whole process without any flavor addition.

100% pure grain liquor aging, 100% Chinese original fragrance.

In order to ensure the taste of wine,

In the koji, cooking, cooling, adding koji, fermentation, distillation, wine cellar,

Every step keep in Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient craft brewing,

Tool car, wooden shovel, wine, beer and angle of each of the tools used by the ancient wine.

100% the ancient technology, 100% Chinese liquor flavor.

Stick with his 30 years as a day to keep,

30 long years of patient waiting,

XXX 100% finally puree wine cellar.

Returning to the original flavor, people Chinese liquor flavor,,

Finally can taste mellow soft real traditional liquor.

So, the innovation of traditional tasting experience,

In all parts of the country to join the straight camp shop, selling bulk wine in the form of,

Let people faster and more direct to taste, flavor, fragrance of a certain flavor, and incense, fragrant wine mellow taste,

To regain Chinese liquor after an absence of many years of original fragrance, flavor, puree.

Chinese wine Renaissance long way away,

Process of loneliness and hardships,

XXX will continue to carry forward the unique liquor culture broad and profound Chinese,

Always adhere to the ancient brewing process,

The reduction Chinese liquor due to the original fragrance, flavor, puree.


Find the beauty of Chinese liquor.